Best Trading Strategy – Trade Breakouts!

To make money you should know the best Trading Strategy. You must be in a stock when it starts to rise and the best way to be on a stock when the price starts to rising is to buy the stock on a breakout!

What is a breakout?

Well, a breakout is an upward movement, any time horizon, and when the stock rises over a resistance level. There is also usually higher volume and the stock stays over the resistance and continues to rise.

Best Trading Strategy!

Trading Strategy

The reason why trading breakouts is such great trading is that once the price has established over a breakout level it tends to continue in the same direction. A breakout can also be about a breakthrough a Moving Average.

Or when an oversold stock is in a downtrend and that after a period of consolidation, rising above the 200-day moving average

Breakout Trading Guides

Trading Strategy

Whether you trading intraday, over a few days, weeks, months or longer is the concept of breakouts the same. It can be used in any trading strategy guides whatsoever.

Regardless of how the market will react in the future, the stock needs to make a breakout from a particular level, such as going over its current all-time high.

Trade New Highs

Trade New Highs

This is one of the strategies. New highs are necessary for a stock to be able to continue to rise unless the stock already is down 70%.

So for a stock that should be able to continue to rise it requires new highs.

What is really worth thinking about is if the stock rises because it makes new highs or makes new highs for the move up?

The simplest type of breakout is new highs, you can simply count all stocks that make a new high as a buy candidate.

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