How to Pick Stocks for Options Trading 2021

Every investor’s decision in any sort of financial instrument is influenced by emotions, as we all know. Emotions eventually determine the final price on both sides of a transaction, whether it be the stock market, real estate, art, or antiques. Some investors have more emotional control, whilst others are devastated by their emotional reactions to specific situations. In this article, we will understand how to pick stocks for options trading.

How to Pick Stocks for Options Trading- My Personal Experience

how to pick stocks for options trading

One typical mistake I’ve seen many investors, including myself, make is taking a position in a company at the incorrect moment. My last post discussed the significance of timing, but this article will focus on the necessity of being focused and emotionally calm when things don’t go as planned.

In the past, I would research a stock’s chart, the fundamentals, the overall market health, and anything else that seemed important before putting a big quantity of money behind my thoughts. When things went wrong and I had to sell for a modest loss, I would remove the stock from my watch lists and forget about it.

This was one of the most significant blunders I made in my early years of investing. The best investors learn from their errors and figure out why they were incorrect. If you don’t learn from your errors, you’ll keep making them and never advance to the next level.

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Choosing Specific Stocks

how to pick stocks for options trading

I was typically accurate in my appraisal of the specific stock, but I was frequently too early in my entry point during a fresh uptrend. Months later, I’d see the same stock in my screens, but it was now up 25%, 50%, or more from my initial purchase price and stop loss. I was upset because I sold my stock too soon, and I was wary of following rules and missing large wins that I sold for a loss.

Also, I knew I could make money on Wall Street by utilizing the law of averages and excellent money management abilities, but I wanted to apply the laws more consistently. I began to put what I had learned into practice by swiftly selling my losers and letting my better best stocks for options trading to ride their trends. Over time, I had more losers than winnings, but my investment grew since the losses were less in size than the victories.

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The True Sayings

how to pick stocks for options trading

The statements in the books were true; Jesse Livermore, Gerald Loeb, and William O’Neil were all correct in their teachings about swiftly reducing losses.

More significantly, I learned to keep good equities on my radar. Even if I bought too early and had to sell at a loss. My timing was off, and my ego was bruised as a result of my error. So I usually avoided that particular stock because it had already taken my money and my dignity.

Even if this was not fully accurate, the stock emotionally burnt me. Investing is a trial-and-error game. It’s fine to buy a stock at the wrong moment and then sell it, just to buy it again when the timing is better. I promise that if you cut your losses modest and let your winnings develop, the averages will ALWAYS WORK OUT.

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Important Points to Remember Always

how to pick stocks for options trading

To allow the averages to function, you must be honest with yourself. You must never allow the stock to go below your sell point, and you must always attempt to keep the strongest and the best stocks for options trading without selling them during a premature decline. This all appears to be quite simple, but it is not! If it were so simple, we’d all be tremendously wealthy, and the stock market would be everyone’s full-time job.

I continued to use my trial-and-error approach and began to document every idea and transaction I made. With my updated mentality in place, I continued to research the companies. The companies that I was forced to sell and did my hardest to repurchase them. Even at greater prices than my initial position if the timing was right. Even now, I have these concerns, as did the greatest traders of all time, and every fund manager must decide if the moment is appropriate.

How to Pick Stocks for Options Trading- My Recent Example

Future stock market

My most recent example, which can be applied to nearly everyone in the community, is Paincare Holdings, a stock I bought simply as a “test buy” and was forced to sell. If things change around and the general market begins to rebound. I would not hesitate to acquire the stock at a higher price than my first stake if the chance arose.

Another example is LaBarge, which originally appeared on the screens at $9.35 but during a down-trending market. The new pivot point and purchase area were $14, which was more than 50% higher than the initial price but still a good entry position independent of previous gains or prices. Buying a stock at a higher price than you were monitoring it at a previous date is always the most difficult mental challenge, but it may be the most lucrative approach.

Never dismiss a contender based on a chart because it has increased by 50% or more in recent months; the big rise maybe just getting started.

If you want to check the previous records, here is the list of best stocks for options trading 2018 & the best stocks for options trading 2020.

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For Indian Investors or Beginners

Future stock market

Here is some preliminary research that every aspiring trader should conduct. The time necessary may vary depending on the individual, so take your time to get it perfect.

If you are seriously after how to pick stocks for options trading, begin by keeping an eye on the top nifty stocks, such as HDFC, Reliance, ITC, and SBI. Don’t make any trades. Do not even attempt to forecast the movement. Simply observe how they perform in different market circumstances, such as trending and range-bound. The best stocks for options trading 2021 with a high level of liquidity are ideal for options trading.

Once you’ve figured out how some of the best stocks for options trading move, start paying attention to how the options act about their underlying. This is critical for understanding the option greeks, without which one may lose money even if the trade is profitable.

Last but not least, familiarize yourself with the STT for ITM choices.

You should now have a solid understanding of several high liquidity equities and the movement in their options. Don’t start trading just now.

Assuming you’ve previously mastered certain fundamentals like candlestick charts, Moving Averages, RSI, Stoch, VWAP, and so on, try out some popular techniques on your nominated best stocks for options trading.

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Brokerage Applications- The Helping Hand

Future stock market

In the instructions of several Brokerage applications, there are numerous useful techniques. Keep an eye on them, put them to use, and watch what happens. All of my techniques were taught to me by knowledgeable individuals on community forums. This finally aided me in developing my own method.

You’ve probably realized by now that there is no such thing as a failsafe trading technique. Every trader has a unique strategy based on capital, risk-reward ratio, and emotional quotient. And the approach should continually be developing with each trade, fine-tuned with each loss, and baselined with each profit.

You may begin with the Opening Range Breakout technique, which is simple to grasp and expand upon.

The most traded options are on the Nifty and Bank Nifty, and it is consistently more profitable to construct a strategy around these indexes.

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The point of this article on how to pick stocks for options trading is to help you realize that time may be your only concern when investing in the best stocks for options trading 2021, therefore never pass up a potential superstar because you bought too soon. Keep an eye on it and be ready to begin another position. Even if it means losing a point or two.

If you purchase again and it does not work out, repeat the procedure; there is always the possibility that the stock was not meant to be or that your analysis was slightly off. In any case, study what you are doing correctly and incorrectly so that you are prepared to utilize those lessons with the next stock.

I hope I have covered all the areas related to how to pick stocks for options trading. I wish you the very best of luck in your future trades. For similar readings, keep learning from the Future Stock Market blog. HAPPY TRADING πŸ™‚

First and foremost, you must select whether you will be an option writer or an option buyer.

If you are going to be an option seller, you should avoid stocks since they are extremely hazardous and volatile, such as recap, jet airways, and so on.

If you want to be an option buyer, you might attempt the following high-volatility stocks.

  1. RCom
  2. Auropharma
  3. PNB

Options trading is advantageous since it does not need a large financial investment, as opposed to holding a stock with decent positions. However, because they are high-risk instruments, you must first grasp the laws of the game. Don't listen to anyone's advice and invest your money into options blindly because they are very volatile and impacted by a variety of factors.

Get acquainted and begin with less cash to provide a practical adjustment to your pedagogic grasp of alternatives. You can use the Zerodha Varsity platform to assist you. The main advantage of options is that you may profit handsomely in both uptrends and downtrends of the market, which is not feasible with stock ownership.

It is a talent that may provide you with decent monthly profits if you learn to choose the proper deals.

The short and simplest method-

First, consider liquidity. The closer the bid-ask spreads are near the money, the better.

Second, consider the implied vol rank; in general, you want a low implied vol so that the option prices are low.

Third, technical analysis, which includes volume characteristics, is used.

Fourth, consider any potential catalyst that may cause the stock to move, since if it doesn't, your money is dead.

Depending on how many asset classes you wish to trade (e.g., stocks, forex, indices), you can utilize web-based interfaces from brokers such as Interactive Brokers or Saxo Bank (which will operate on Mac but may not be "built" for Mac in general).

If you are content to trade "just" Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Gold/Silver, MT4 forex trading software fully supports Mac OSX and, because all of our designers and developers are Mac fans, should feel more natural for Mac users.

However, at least half of our consumers are Mac users, which is far more than the industry norm.

Basically, there is no such thing as best or worst in the market. First, you must identify your real needs and the vendor whose product meets those criteria.

Few tools will allow you to back-test your strategy, while others will simply allow you to trade with a few simple indicators.

I will advise that if you include precise criteria, I will be able to offer a better solution. Until then, I'll publish everything I know or have to say on software that I'm now using or have previously used.

But, according to my personal experience regarding the trading apps, The Upstox platform is excellent. Its interface may be quite simple to use, and I doubt anyone would select something difficult to grasp. I'm not sure whether any other software offers a referral incentive, but Upstox Pro does. They provide 500/- INR as referral money, which can be sent to our bank account.

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