Stock Investing Strategies – Investing in Value Stocks

Stock investing strategies especially value stock investing entails purchasing stocks at prices that are lower than their intrinsic value. Value investors look for stocks that the market has underpriced. They are based on the theory that the stock market overcorrects in response to changing economic indicators, resulting in stock price changes that do not reflect a company’s long-term value. As a result, value investors seek to buy stocks when their prices are arbitrarily low.

What is Stock Investing Strategies?

stock market investing strategies

A well-known strategy that comes under Stock investing strategies is value investing. In the 1930s, two Columbia finance professors, Graham and Dodd, developed the theory of value investing. The theory is straightforward: Purchase stocks that are being sold for less than their true value. This theory is the perfect stock investing strategy for beginners.

Earnings, dividends, and cash flow are all indicators of a good company, which can mask a seemingly low trading price. The value investor seeks out companies that are currently undervalued by the market and hopes to profit when market investors realize their error and share prices rise. These are the best-ever strategies for investing in the stock market.


The potential flaw in the value stock investing strategy is that stocks have no objective intrinsic value. Individual investors working with the same data frequently take the same data and calculate different values for the same stock.

This is why the “margin of safety” concept is important in value investing stock. This indicates that if one overestimates the ultimate rise in share prices when the market fluctuates, a profit in value investing stock picks can still be made. In the worst-case scenario, attempting to practice value investing on such junk assets would be tantamount to throwing money down the drain.

More about Stock Market Investing Strategies

stock investing strategies for beginners

Furthermore, there is no precise or objective definition of “value investing.” A portion of value investors focuses solely on a company’s current earnings and assets ignoring potential future growth. Whereas others focus on potential future growth and profit expansion for the company.

The value investor must distinguish between a company that is temporarily undervalued and one that will continue to fall in value for the foreseeable future. If company X has been trading at $35.00 per share for the past quarter and drops to $15.00 per share, it is not necessarily a value company.

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  1. It could simply mean that the company is having problems that the market is reacting to, or it could mean that the company is going bankrupt.
  2. Here’s a rundown of the stock-picking rules of thumb used by value investors.
  3. The share price must be equal to or less than 66.66 percent of the intrinsic value.
  4. Pay attention to companies with P/E ratios in the bottom 10% of traded equity securities.
  5. The PEG should be less than one.
  6. The stock price must be lower or equal to the book value.
  7. The amount of equity should be greater than or equal to the amount of debt.
  8. Current assets must be at least double the size of current liabilities.
  9. Over the long term, dividend yield must be at least 66.66 percent of AAA bond yield.
  10. Earnings growth must be at least 7% per year compounded over the previous decade.

value stock investing

Stock market investing strategies like value investing lacks the glitz of higher risk/reward strategies. It does not rely on hot tips or intuition but on a straightforward, data-driven process of screening stocks. For more strategies on the stock market, please keep yourself connected to the Future Stock Market blog. HAPPY TRADING 😉

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