Top Down Investing Strategy – Stock Market Investment Strategies

Top down investing strategy

Top down investing strategy is a technique in which the investor evaluates markets first, then individual stocks. This investing method as opposed to the bottom-up approach. Bottom-up investors are unconcerned about the wider indexes. Top Down Investing Strategy Individual securities are cherry-picked based purely on their performance. They hold it for a brief period of … Read more

Best Investments for 2021- Complete Guide

best investments

With the economy recently emerging from one of the worst financial problems in history due to the pandemic, and current investors more cautious, the question on everyone’s lips as the approaches is “what are the best investments for 2021?” Best Investments for 2021 Investing might appear to be more random than the lottery at times, … Read more

Top 5 Investment Strategies!

Investment strategies

What are the Best Investment Strategies? If you are new to investing it can be hard to know where to start and how to actually make money. But there are some simple Stock investment strategies that have proven to work. Below are some common Stock investment strategies. High Dividend One of the best investment strategies … Read more

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