How to Pick Stocks for Options Trading 2021

how to pick stocks for options trading

Every investor’s decision in any sort of financial instrument is influenced by emotions, as we all know. Emotions eventually determine the final price on both sides of a transaction, whether it be the stock market, real estate, art, or antiques. Some investors have more emotional control, whilst others are devastated by their emotional reactions to … Read more

Currency Options & How Do Oil Futures Work Explained

currency options trading

Definition of Currency Options Currency Options (also referred to as an FX option) is an option with an exchange, and a financial tool called a derivative. The choice buyer is in a position to but doesn’t need to buy (call options) or sell (put options) a currency in exchange for a special currency at a … Read more

Understanding the Basics of Options Trading

options trading

Before discussing what is options trading, and how do options trading works let me tell you my story. One of my #1 films growing up was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. You may recollect this film that featured Harrison Ford and Sean Connery on a mission to track down the “Sacred goal” before the … Read more

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